Week in Pics: February 2-8, 2015

ALL WEEK: Rainy with a chance of pizza and cinnamon bun. See below. :)

  • The rain lover in me was happy because it was a cozy and rainy week.

THURSDAY: Dinner date with a very good friend

  • A quick detour to Cinnaholic in Berkeley on my way to meet my friend Jax for dinner. I was delighted when I found out that Cinnaholic was just half a block away from Gather where I was having dinner with my friend. I really enjoyed The Elvis Vegan Cinnamon Bun which was  (wanna guess?) peanut butter and bananas, and a chocolate and brownie bits cinnamon bun for the BF. Photo: The Elvis Cinnamon Bun
    (Extra bonus: Got to fulfill one of the items on my 2015 list which is to use my expired internet deals with Cinnaholic being one of them.)
  • A really enjoyable dinner with my friend Jax  whom I have not seen in about a year. The dinner at Gather was really delicious, the drinks were yummy and the company was lovely. Photo: Pizza with fried egg on top

SATURDAY: Casual date night

  • The BF had a cold so date night was a bowl of pho at Monster Pho in Oakland after watching “Match Point” on DVD which he found boring but I found fascinating. It was a Woody Allen movie.

SUNDAY: Church and family, of course

  • After church on Sunday, my parents showed me where to get taho or bean curd with caramelized sugar. For as long as I have been living in the US, this was my first taho. And it tastes just like the taho of my childhood. Taho is a street food sold by a traveling vendor who carries  two metal buckets suspended on a long plank of wood that he balances on one  shoulder. Now I do not have to wait until I visit the PI to eat my favorite childhood treat. Where to get taho: Maxim at 1930 Aborn Road San Jose, CA
  • Lunch was mungo (mung bean) soup, fried tilapia and fried milkfish. Another favorite childhood dish that my mom made for me!

Another week of many gifts  – rain, good friend for life, delicious farm to table food, treats that touch the soul, the gift of worship, love and family.  And as always, I am very grateful to God for His blessings.

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