Heart Day 2015

As always the BF spoils me again on Valentine’s Day. No romantic dinner this year since we will be spending it with my family to celebrate my brother and niece’s birthdays. The BF bought a bunch of nice picnic food that we ate in front of TV last night. He got hummus, cheeses, crackers, baguette, chocolate pie and cold cuts which I paired up with a nice California red. When I woke up this morning, a bouquet of roses, See’s candies and champagne were waiting for me on the dining room table. Very sweet! Thanks, babe! xoxo

Since he complains that I never get him anything for Valentine’s Day, this year I got him a box of truffles and a cutout of shirts that I ordered but won’t arrive until next week.

Well, Valentine’s Day is not over yet. Who knows, maybe we can sneak in a romantic dinner after family dinner later. If not, Valentine’s Day is every Saturday for us during Saturday date night.

May your Heart Day be sweet whether you are still single, with friends, family or the love of your life!

Heart Day 2014: Dinner at Ruth’s Chris | Presents

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