Week in Pics: January 26- February 1, 2015

 My week felt like it did not really start until Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were  super- busy but uneventful. A lovely lunch with mi bestie amiga provided the kick off to start my week on Wednesday. By Thursday, it felt like the playoffs! (Just sticking with the football analogy since it is by the way, Superbowl Sunday.)

I found out on Thursday that my  program  has received a wonderful recognition. The result was an overwhelming amount of kudos for my team. It felt so good for our years of hard work to be validated. However, hearing from  my parents that they are so proud of me made everything else worth it. My mom even joked that I took after her – an intelligent woman– while my dad claims I took after him. All I can say is it is all for God’s glory and all the people who have mentored me, supported me and worked tirelessly side by side with me through the years.

Anyway, here was the rest of the week in a nutshell:

  • Wednesday:  Met with mi mejor amiga Edelmira to celebrate her birthday  at Golden Era Vegan Restaurant in SF. It was her first time trying vegan food and totally enjoyed her birthday lunch. It is always so nice to see her and catch up after not seeing each other during the holidays. (Thanks for the cute present, Edelmira!)  *Photo: Vegan casserole and brown rice – my lunch.
  • Friday:   San Francisco Restaurant Week with BFF Heather at Alta. Formerly known as Dine About Town, many fun memories of friendships were created during our fun lunches during San Francisco’s Restaurant Week in January and June. We have been doing this for years! Some misses but lately many hits of delicious meals from participating fine dining restaurants in San Francisco. Whether hit or miss– Heather and I always  have a fun time catching up! 🙂 *Photo: Soft-serve ice creams – toffee crunch and chocolate
  • Saturday:  Belated birthday dinner/date night at The House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. A very enjoyable dining experience that is uniquely San Francisco. Once again we went home with happy tummies and succumbing to food coma! (Drooling just thinking about our prime rib dinner with all the works!) *Photo: Prime rib, creamed spinach, mashed potato and au jus.
  • Sunday:  My tummy was also very happy this Sunday.
  1. BREAKFAST: It all started out with empanada (thanks, Heather!) and coffee breakfast before church. Picked my parents and nephew up so we could attend church together.
  2. LUNCH: We drove to my sister’s house even though she was at work. My mom cooked prawns sinigang in guava broth, fried tilapia and fried bangus with bagoong. (Sinigang is a Filipino soup using guava or tamarind as base.) It is one of my most favorite dishes aside from nilaga (boiled beef soup). I did not restrain myself since my parents are going back to the Philippines soon and no more yummy Filipino food on Sundays. *tears* I was so full that I could barely move but my tummy was thanking me (or my mom)!
  3. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY: We drove to my brother and sis-in-law’s house after lunch to watch Superbowl. Superbowl is always fun to watch even though the Niners did not make it this year. My sister-in-law barbecued bazillion pieces of carne asada, Filipino pork barbecue and chicken. I could barely breathe from what I ate during lunch so I chose to just have a small bowl of pho that she also made. That woman is a cooking machine!

I am so grateful for this week’s blessings. It was so heart-warming to hear from friends who are dear to my heart but do not get to talk to because of distance. (Hello, Jim T! Thanks for the super-lovely message!) I am grateful for the love and support of real friends and family who are there for me at my lowliest and happy for me in my moment of success no matter how small.

I am thankful that God delivers His promises. I choose to focus on gratitude although life is not always easy and without challenges. It is a reminder for me that He is always there not matter what. We just need to keep on holding on. 

And I so appreciate my friends and family  who feed me delicious treats. Thanks, guys! xoxo

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