Week 3 of 2015:  January 12 – 18


  • Stayed home sick on Tuesday. Sore throat,  body aches and fever. Thank God that I was able to recover within 3 days! The only nice part aside from being able to stay home was drinking coffee and eating a piece of mayorca bread. And indulging in my new hobby which is  staging the food before taking tons of pictures and devouring! LOL!)


  • Have been drinking hot chocolate and eating biscotti almost everyday at 4 pm at work  for mid-afternoon snacks. So satisfying!


  • A heartfelt reunion with my ex-boss of almost 5 years on Friday. I truly miss his mentorship and support. He ended up treating my me and my co-workers at Golden Era. Golden Era is a vegan restaurant in SF that has been on my “to try” forever. With great company and good food, it was a very nice lunch albeit bittersweet.


  • My parents asked me to drive them to Great Mall on Saturday in San Jose so they can hangout with their friends. My mom and my aunts left the oldies to eat and reminisce about old times while the gals shopped. Got a sweater and and some nice smelling soap and hand wash. It is always fun to shop with the “girls” even if the girls are in their 70s and 80s! It just shows that gals – no matter how “young” will always love shopping!


  • Date night at True Burger.  I got home late after hanging out with my parents all day on Saturday. The BF and I went for a quick bite at True Burger – the newest addition to the trendy Temescal neighborhood. The best part? We just walked there! Some yummy burger!


  • Church and lunch with the family and as you already know, my most favorite Filipino dish is nilaga (boiled beef soup). My mom cooked me some nilaga and Alaskan crab legs. Food coma!

So grateful for another week of delicious food, old friendships, good health, simple joys and  the gift of my parents and old uncles/aunts.  God is faithful and good!

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