Food Crush# 8:  Max’s Restaurant, Auburn CA


The BF and I made a pit stop half-way to the Bay Area from Reno. We needed to fill our tummies and were both craving comfort foods. 

The classy and cozy venue was a pleasant surprise. There was a nice fire in the  fireplace which was perfect for the cold afternoon weather.

We had:

     ♡ Potato skins with cheddar and bacon as our starter
     ♡ Reuben with fries for the BF
     ♡ Tuna salad sandwich  with a side of potato salad for me
     ♡ Keylime pie, cookie and apple oatmeal muffins for the road


I only had a bite of the potato skin and it was sinfully yummy. However, I am still craving Max’s tuna salad sandwich to this day. I think that the secret was in the bread which was buttered and perfectly toasted. I even really liked the ;light-tasting potato salad (which I am not usually a fan of).

The BF enjoyed his reuben and devoured the keylime pie the next day.

There is a Max’s close to where I work in San Francisco located inside the Opera Plaza. Although I have been there few times in the past, it has not crossed my mind in years. I will go there next time I am craving a nice tuna sandwich.

About $50 with tip, a glass of wine and iced tea

NOTE TO SELF: Get the Apple & Oatmeal Raisin Muffin. Sooo good!


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