Under the christmas tree 2014






Christmas Morning 2014

100 Happy Moments

     30. Finding Presents From My Guy Under The Tree

The BF and I stayed up until almost 3 am after spending our Christmas Eve with my family in San Jose. We slept in until 10 am and opened our presents as soon as we woke up before going to his family’s house where we spent our Christmas.

As always Santa BF spoiled me again this year. 🙂 Just like every year, he showered me with pretty clothes from Bebe, Athleta and other  chic stores. I have lots of new jeans, blouses and a beautiful coat from Bebe. He does this every single year that I do not really need to go shopping for these items for the rest of the year.  And thank God that this year, I do not have to exchange anything. He got me a combination of XS, S and M. Amazingly, they all fit me. I do not know how but they do! When we first met, I was so tiny that he buys me XS or even XXS clothes every single year after uhm,,, 15 pounds of happiness later after 8 years of being together. He is too sweet to acknowledge those extra pounds!

It is not a requirement in my relationship to shower me with lavish presents but he does. A small well-thought of present is good enough but I am one lucky girl. We tend to spoil each other.

My presents for him? I got a Dr. Dre Wireless Beats headphone and few shirts.

I am one happy well-dressed gal! 🙂  Love my presents! Thanks, Babe! xoxo

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