Being thankful



100 Blessings


  1. The gift of my parents in their old age.
  2. Being to able spoil them after spoiling me and providing for me all my life.
  3. Their hugs and kisses. I could never be too old to be comforted by  my mom and dad.
  4. Being able to share many meals and go to church together  again as a WHOLE FAMILY since we were kids.
  5. Warm home that is full of love and a cat who makes us laugh.
  6. Mr Sweetie — 8 years of happy memories and getting stronger together each year.
  7. My baby sister. We are so close despite being so different.
  8. Loved ones who became family over the years.
  9. Family in many parts of the world. Even though we have not seen each other in years, every time we do, it is as if  it was just yesterday when we said goodbye.
  10. A table that is always full of delicious meals with plenty to share with others.
  11. The gift of  comfort and contentment.
  12. All my great friends for life – Alexis, Jannette, Edelmira, Jax, Rebecca,  Cindy, Kat, Russell.
  13. BFF Heather who shares my love of  good food, little joys, followed every blog I created over the years, and who is there in happiness and trying times.
  14. A stable  job and career that I love and enjoy, and kind co-workers.
  15. For the honor to help others through my profession which is also my service to God.
  16. Ability to appreciate everyday simple joys like a baked treat from a friend, raindrops, the sweet scent of a flower, etc.
  17. Books and more books and the gift of eyesight to read them.
  18. Because of the Lord’s generous provisions, we have everything we need.
  19. Good health, life, hope and sense of purpose.
  20. A free country. The US is far from  perfect but I am thankful for my freedom including the freedom to worship and express my thoughts.
  21. A simple and modest life.
  22. Knowing that I have a Friend who loves me unconditionally, whose love is not based on my goodness but loves me more despite my shortcomings.

There are  million more reasons to be grateful for. I also believe that every second that we are not even aware of, God is keeping us safe from harm and each second, we are also being blessed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my Tumblr friends and followers, and those who visit my blog. Thank you for reading. Because of you, the world is a less lonely place. You brighten up my day every time I see that you took the time to visit my blog! Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

PHOTO: BFF Heather gave me this delicious granola treat in this  chalkboard mason jar as a Thanksgiving present. It was accompanied by the sweetest note ever! I love it! I am so lucky! Thanks! 🙂 xoxo

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