Date Night @ Phil’s Sliders  (Berkeley CA)


It is becoming our (lazy) Saturday tradition to stay in our pj’s all day. I cook brunch, the BF naps and we watch our TV shows until late  afternoon. Even though I feel guilty spending our Saturdays like this, it is fun and relaxing. I tell myself that we really deserve this.

This Saturday, after a, b & c, we got dressed in sweatshirt, jeans and me in my favorite shoes (Uggs).  We headed to Phil’s Sliders in Berkeley since the BF has been mentioning “sliders” in every sentence. This had been our second date night at  Phil’s.

I will remember this gorgeous evening where we chose to sit at the table on the sidewalk. The night was warm and students from UC Berkeley were out and about, ready to party. We people-watched while we ate our beef sliders, tater tots and sweet potato fries. I hardly drink beer but I thought this was the perfect place and food to enjoy a cold glass of Sierra Nevada.


The BF had 3 beef sliders with tater tots while I had 2 sliders with sweet potato fries. Sliders were $2.75 each and the fries/tots were $3.

The sliders were not as tasty as we had on our first visit. They were moist  but overly salted.

Service was scattered. It may have been due to the fact that we got there less than an hour before closing time. The servers were young and appeared as if they were ready to get out and start their Saturday.

About $30 including tip

*This turned out to be our appetizers since we ended going to Wiki-Wiki, a Hawaiian mom and pop few blocks down where the BF ordered Kalua pork and half a dozen spam musubi for me. We went home and ate (again!) while watching “Tales of the Crypt 2” until past 1 am.

Fun date night.

It was okay.

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