Food Crush #6: Burmese Kitchen (San Francisco)

UPDATE 2015: Burmese Kitchen has moved to a different location. Please see link above.

I have spent many afternoons of solitude at Burmese Kitchen drinking many cups of hot, soothing Burmese tea. At around 2 pm, when everyone else is done with their lunch, Burmese Kitchen becomes my sanctuary. I would purposely schedule a late lunch to enjoy the peace and quiet as well as  the soft Burmese music for an hour during a tiring work day.

I also have nice memories of lovely lunches here with girlfriends. The latest was with BFF Heather of Lovely Heather just few weeks ago. We had a short but really sweet lunch date exchanging little fall presents as well as catching up.  She loved the pumpkin and the cozy “mom and pop” ambiance of BK.

BK offered many dishes on the menu but I often ordered the same favorite dishes:

  • Sauteed pumpkins
  • Samosas
  • Tea Leaf Salad
  • Lentil or Coconut Rice

Sadly, Burmese Kitchen has lost its lease and will be closing on November 26. There is a chance that they might move somewhere else.

Burmese Kitchen is not a destination place but I prefer it over Burma Superstar which the Food Network has put on the map. BK was my well-kept secret.

I will definitely miss the tea – many, many cups of delicious, soul-soothing Burmese tea. Best of luck to the owners of Burmese Kitchen.


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