October 6-12, 2014

Simple Edible Joys

Finally, chilly weather in the Bay Area! Not fall-sweater-fireplace-hot cocoa weather but the promise of fall is here! This week I enjoyed little bites each day. Grateful for the blessings of food that bring comfort to both body and soul.


  • A nice  dinner with a dear friend to celebrate her birthday. What  a great way to start the week!  Dinner with Rebecca at Lers Ros Thai in SF definitely gave me something to be excited about on a usually uneventful Monday. So much fun to catch and celebrate over a decade of friendship! xoxo
  • Left my house without a coat, and sure enough, I nearly caught a cold walking home not covered enough for the chilly evening. This is my kind of weather!


  • A sudden craving for Libby Jane’s Blueberry Biscuit with strawberry jam. Yummy mid-afternoon snack.


  • Potato and Pea Samosa from the farmer’s market.


  • Secretly took a  pic of egg, sausage and cheese muffin during our meeting. Thursday is my breakfast “treat/cheat” day. It’s oatmeal for me all throughout the work week but this is my reward for enduring a 3 hour meeting every Thursday morning.
  • Delicious Tofu banh mi for lunch.


  • Another 3 hour training and  another excuse to tell myself that at least I deserve something sweet – Almond Chocolate Croissant!
  • A healthy lunch of ChineseTofu and Eggplant.


  • Date night at Mockingbird in Oakland. Classy but I was not too happy with what I had.


  • Beginning of 3 days of hanging out with my mommy and daddy. This will be a separate post.

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