Food Crush #3:  White Chocolate Berry French Toasts @  The Pantry (Las Vegas)


In the midst of the sounds and lights of the casino at the Mirage, The Pantry is a cozy venue to grab some American breakfast.

The White Chocolate Berry French Toasts on the blackboard menu kept on calling my name every time I passed by it. I craved it so much that I just had to have it before heading back to San Francisco.


The Pantry is decorated in French Provence theme. It is a very cute and cozy place that seems to belong  in a quaint little town instead.


The little milk jug that contained that creamer for my coffee was so adorable!


Even though I could not drink the cream because I am allergic to dairy.


The BF had the blueberry muffin with butter (also “cutely” served).


And Huevos Rancheros.


And finally, I got my White Chocolate Berry French Toasts! The French Toasts did not disappoint. They were decadent and sweet.



The place was eye candy but the brunch items come with a hefty price tag. The portions were also small.

$65 including tip, coffee and orange juice

For this price, breakfast buffets in Las Vegas are the more practical options. I enjoyed our brunch, though, regardless.

Like the food (but not the price)! 

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