Family Trip to Vegas





Warning: TMI Las Vegas itinerary

I  have been MIA for a few days because I was in Vegas with my family. Vegas, baby! 🙂 I am not really a Vegas-kinda gal. I do not enjoy gambling  and I am not into glitz and glamor. I enjoy history and nature more.  However, I have to admit that I had so much fun on this trip to Vegas with my family.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will share with you what really went down in Vegas. 😉

September 26, Friday

  • The BF and I flew into Vegas  at 12:15 pm while the family already arrived there early yesterday morning.
  • The BF and I checked in at The Mirage where the whole family is staying as well. Happy to find the hotel and our room to be very nice. The hotel is beautiful with its lush atrium and aquatic theme.
  • The BF played at the casino while I took advantage of the $1 cocktails. LOL!
  • The BF and I met up with mom and dad. Took them out to dinner (at the Carnegie again!) since my parents were craving sandwich and salad.
  • Hangout with my siblings and rest of the family at the casino. The BF and my dad played black jack.

September 27, Saturday


  • Family brunch (all 14 of us) at a Pho Lan Vietnamese restaurant. BF and I wanted an American breakfast but we got outnumbered. It was very nice though to share a meal together as a family.
  • Piled back on the van while the nephews and niece drove us all crazy for wanting to stop at the Zombie Apocalypse store. Whatever that was. We just tried to ignore them.
  • Drove to Caesar’s Palace where we watched the Fall of the  Atlantis show and window-shopped at the Forum Shoppes. The adults went to the casinos while we entertained the kids. The BF and the kids posed for a pic with a UFC fighting champion who was signing autographs.
  • Drove to Circus Circus. After a couple of slot machines and a ginormous margarita that the BF bought for me so I could keep the souvenir glass (which I drank until nighttime but I still could not finish), the BF and I took a cab back to our hotel and said bye to the family.

      THE BF AND I

  • Finally, we stayed away from the kids who almost gave us a headache that we had to leave and take a nap! LOL!
  • We had dinner at the Cravings Buffet at The MIrage. I am usually not a buffet kinda gal (gets to be overwhelming) but when in Vegas, gotta try Vegas’ famed buffets.
  • Watched the super-cool Volcano Show at The Mirage. Very cool fire and music show.
  • We went for a lovely stroll on the strip. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed the street entertainers (show girls, Hangover guy with a baby – that one was hilarious, minions, etc). We really wanted to see the famous Fountain Show at the Bellagio. We saw 3 shows– a classical, jazz and Elvis! The water dance, lights and music were mesmerizing.
  • Walked back to our hotel where I watched the BF played craps, said goodnight to my parents at their room and hangout with my sister for a little bit.
  • Stayed up until 2 am! A truly fun and lovely evening!

September 28, Sunday

  • The family left to drive back to the Bay Area after breakfast while the BF and I stayed behind.
  • Breakfast at The Pantry and finally got to eat the white chocolate berry french toasts that I have been eyeing since we got there. Yummy!
  • Went for another stroll at the strip but was too hot that we decided to head back to the hotel to share a frozen margarita and watch the Niners vs the Eagles at The Rhumbar Lounge.
  • Finally headed to the airport where we shared nachos at a bar and watched the Niners win while waiting for our flight. Go Niners!
  • Home by 9 pm after a 1.5 hour flight.

Notes to Self:

Disappointed that we did  not have time to visit the white tigers at the Mirage. Drove by the Luxor. Cool architecture! I want to check it out next time!

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