I do not really care much for jelly beans or any type of candies (except chocolates!) until I tasted Tabasco Jelly Beans. My guy gave me a tiny bottle of these fiery beans. Just like Tabasco sauce, the heat will creep up on you!

After finding out how much I loved the Tabasco Jelly Beans, the BF found these DARK CHOCOLATE Covered Tabasco Jelly Beans! Even better! Think dark chocolates hooking up with spicy candies.

Let me just say – my friends who detest Tabasco sauce were repulsed by it but the ones who love spicy food (like me) totally loved these candies! And the best thing about these jelly beans? I could not really eat too much. After 6 candies or so, I start to feel the tingling in my mouth that forces me to stop until the next Tabasco Jelly Beans cravings! 🙂

Note to Self: Now I have a reason to visit the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA.

Happy Wednesday!

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