Olivier Napa Valley

Girls Day Trip to Napa: Olivier


Olivier is a foodie heaven in St. Helena. After wine tasting at Orin Swift, we did a little window-shopping. Well, let me tell you a little secret. If you need a little snacking while in downtown St. Helena in Napa Valley, just enter this gourmet shop.



Olivier is snack-place galore. This spacious fine food store is pretty generous with food samples. You can taste almost every item.


And that was what the girls and I did. We sampled almost every flavors of mustards, caramels (yup!), dips, olive oil, lemon curd, jams, etc.


Pretzel sticks and bread cubes were provided for sampling. I think we made a meal out of the samples. Ha! Ha! The staff were cool with it!


Well, in the end, we touted a few jars of stuff – Alexis bought a fig balsamic vinegar, Heather got a couple of jars including a thing of caramel. I know that J got something and I brought home a jar of nuts in honey! Now I regret not getting a jar of caramel as well!


This has not been our first time here. In the past, the BF bought me a few bottles of olive oil that you get to pour yourself from the vats. Pretty cool.


 A must visit when in Napa Valley. (Your inner foodie will thank you.)


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