100 Happy Moments

     18. Visiting the PAINTED LADIES with mom and dad

After hiking at Land’s End where my parents enjoyed the stunning view of Golden Gate Bridge, my old but adorable parents wanted to take a nap before our next destination. At 2 in the afternoon, I did not want for our day to end just yet since I planned a full day of fun in San Francisco. I told them to take a nap while I was driving.

This was not on our itinerary but I had this sudden genius idea to take them to Alamo Square– the home of the Painted Ladies. Remember the 90s show “Full House” or the Olsen Twins?  Well, the show definitely made this row of majestic Victorian houses even more popular.  It is best to admire these ladies from Alamo Square which is a huge grassy park across the street  with a stunning view of the San Francisco skyline.

 I went for a 45 minute stroll and took plenty of pictures. I woke up the parents who napped for an hour. My  mom who was still sleepy got  out of the car to take a couple of pictures. My dad was still groggy, just looked behind him and just said “Oh, I’ve seen this many times in the movies.”

I drove on this street countless times but I have never  gotten out of my car. This has been on my “Tourist in my Own Backyard” list of things to do in SF forever. I am so glad that I was finally able to do this but I want to go back again to spend a beautiful day here.

Date Night Idea: Bring a blanket and picnic basket. Spend an afternoon picnicking and napping

Me Time Idea: Bring a book, blanket, journal, thermos, etc and spend a beautiful day here by yourself.


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