100 Happy Moments

     17. End of Summer Simple Joys

This year feels like a hazy and blurry series of events to me. It felt like watching myself  on a movie filmstrip that is fast-paced yet unfocused. September came too soon but I am actually glad for its arrival. Spring and Autumn are two of my most favorite seasons. The former marks a fresh start while the latter means slowing down and taking stock. And this September I am going to catch up on what I felt like I missed.

These are what I am looking forward to in September:

  • The first day of Autumn is September 23 but I will enjoy and appreciate the rest of the Summer. I barely felt Summer this year because of the anticipation and planning for my parents’ visit.
  • I will plan date nights better.  I feel like because the focus is on our families, quality time is put on the back burner.  Instead of  last minute and unplanned date nights, I will find more fun things to do – just like before! I am a great date night planner!
  • I still feel like I do not spend enough time with my parents. I will spend every Sunday with them.
  • I will enjoy more outdoor stuff while the weather is nice. Spending indoors curled up with a book  is for the colder Fall and Winter weather, not for summer! I will  enjoy at least a couple of lunches at a cafe on a warm sunny day in San Francisco.
  • I am so looking forward to our yearly trip to Napa Valley with my girls! Yay! I miss them as well and I am so happy that we can go on this trip before the summer ends.
  • I will enjoy the last of the summer fruits– peaches and nectarines. Since kale is supposed to be sweeter in the fall and winter, I will get my fill of this super-veggie!
  • A cup of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte as soon as Autumn starts. (Well, the weather has to cooperate – only if the wind gets nippy and the weather starts to get chilly!)  Otherwise, I will wait until October.
  • Fall decor! Start putting pumpkins and cinnamon-scented candles all over the house.

I know that September will come and go, and October will be here before we know it. I will keep this list short for now because I will have a really long one for October – when it is really sweater and pumpkin spice weather!

Happy end of Summer and Welcome Fall!

Photo: Apple trees in my brother and sister-in-law’s backyard

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