Date Night At Lungomare

07.12.14 @ Lungomare (Jack London Square in Oakland)

Close enough to home, not a lot of driving or walking but right next to the water, a finer dining….where to go? Jack London Square! Just minutes from the house and it meets all of the above criteria.

Our date nights lately have been a simple “let’s get out of the house before Saturday turns into Sunday” and eat somewhere. This Saturday, though, I wanted a nicer sit down dining experience. Lungomare, a New American-Italian restaurant located at the waterfront with a million dollar view of Jack London Square harbor, is perfect for such whims.


It was a lovely day but a little windy. Lungomare is a beautiful restaurant with tasteful and classy decor. There was a patio with roaring fire in the fireplace but we decided to dine inside. The view was awesome and perfect for sipping my Bloody Mary (which I found to be too tomato-ey but it was strong enough.)


We started off with trio crudo $17. (Crudo means “raw” in Italian.) Really tiny serving and meant to be savored. We really enjoyed the very clean and fresh taste of the fish.


We were thankful for the complimentary bread and sort of loaded up on them since we already anticipated the small portions.

My carnivore guy ordered Grilled Hanger Steak with Olive Oil Potatoes $29. He said that the steak was very good and tasty but he wished the portion was bigger.


Everytime squid ink pasta is offered on the menu, I just cannot resist it. So I ordered the Squid Ink Chitarra with clams, cuttlefish and shrimp in white wine sauce $17. I really enjoyed this dish! The pasta was very toothsome and the flavors were simple but magnified. I could have eaten a second bowl.



Lungomare is really about quality ingredients over quantity. It is about enjoying the freshness and taste of the food than about eating until you are stuffed. I guess you can do that by ordering more if you do not mind putting a dent in your wallet. It was quite a pricey dinner that left my guy still a little hungry but it just hit the spot for me.

$108 including one Bloody Mary, Iced Tea and tip

We took a little stroll at Jack London Square so I could take some pictures of the water and watched two long trains go by. Jack London Square is next to  railroad tracks where Amtrak station is also located. Dessert was at Dreyer’s Ice Cream at Rockridge. I really enjoyed this date night!

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