Girls Afternoon Out at Tacolicious (SF)

Tacolicious (SF)



It was one of those afternoons where I felt particularly extraordinarily happy and light.  I  am sure that the warm Mission sun contributed to the positive feelings. I also know that being with my best gals always makes me feel this way. And of course, knowing that it was going to be  a long weekend, I was able to relax, as as if all the worries just melted away that day.

Instead of my usual foodie post,  I will not go into great details about the food but I would rather concentrate on the memories of friendship that afternoon.


It was evident that we were elated. We had lots of  fun – the usual laughter, catching up and gossiping – stuff that girls do when they get together. Everyone dressed particularly summery and pretty. A had her cute scarf on, H totally rocked her outfit with a fashionista necklace and J is always sexy no matter what she wears. And me, I loved my red blouse and dollar store necklace. (My necklace broke that day, luckily I was passing by a dollar store and got a cheap one. A girl’s gotta improvise! It totally worked!)


(This is cute friend A mxiing a spicy beer)

The drinks were flowing and hit that sweet spot. I honestly cannot remember what we had, not because of inebriation – we were far from it. We were just happily and slightly feeling euphoric. Of course, ETOH  magnified the fun 100x.   All of our fruity drinks (dos pitchers of something delicious and fruity, a shot each of something with pasion fruit and lime, a few sips of michelada and spicy beer) were well-crafted but surprisingly delicate.


It was indeed an afternoon of decadence, slight intoxication and friendship. What makes Tacolicious great was the equally festive atmosphere and delicious California-Mexican cuisine ( which means organic, sustainable and healthy-ish).  And yes, the vera cruz-inspired squid was really nice, as well as the simple yet really fresh-tasting chunky guacamole. Of couse, We loaded up on chips and 3 kinds of salsa.


This July 4h eve did not end here. There was more. That will be on my next post. My girls and I enjoyed Tacolicious so much that we are planning another visit. When we do, it will be a foodie post  – detailed, informative, OCD – and boring, if you are not into that kind of stuff. Oh, well…..



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