This holiday weekend my guy and I mastered the “art of doing nothing.” Well, almost. This is how I would describe this year’s Fourth of July weekend – we. did. nothing. – and it felt wonderful!

  • JULY 3RD, THURSDAY: Happy Hour with the girls at Tacolicious. Hungout with J for another glass of wine at Skylark in the Mission after H went home and A went to another party. Then we bought pupusas to take home to our men. Went home at almost 10 pm knowing it was going to be a loooong weekend and no work tomorrow! Yay!
  • JULY 4TH, FRIDAY:  “Just me and my guy” 4th of July. Barbeque, movie marathon, being lazy and lit the fireworks in the evening. My guy and I stayed up until 2 am. It was romantic in a lazy kind of way and super-fun!
  • JULY 5TH, SATURDAY:  We were planning to go for a drive to Half Moon Bay. We woke up at around 8 am but went back to sleep at almost 10 am and did not wake up until past noon! Yikes! We have not done this in a long time!!! I made him a brunch of pancakes and egg omelette while I had the leftover pupusa and coffee.  Stayed in our pjs  all day and watched more TV. We finally left the house for  date night at Tambo  – a Peruvian restaurant in Oakland. (I guess, Half Moon Bay will just have to wait until next weekend.)
  • JULY 6TH, SUNDAY: “Me Time."  House chores. Jazz and lots of it. Mud mask and deep hair conditioning. A quick run to Trader Joe’s to stock up on goodies.  Pasta with feta, fresh basil, parmesan and Blood Orange EVOO. Two glasses of refreshing rosé . Downloaded Photoshop and learning. Devoured a thrilling detective story set in Paris (nope, no chicklit this time). Candles. Warm mini peach and blueberry pies from Trader Joe’s. And the purring kitty.

Good night and have a wonderful second week of July ahead of you!

Welcome to Deliciously. My warm and snug little space in this big, wild world. This blog is about my everyday life in San Francisco (where I work) and Oakland (where I live). I strive to live a life that is full of gratitude, coziness and simple joys. This is my personal journal and photo album where I post photos of lovely things that I capture on camera, travels and delicious meals that I share with my family and friends. Just a simple, happy blog. Thank you for stopping by! -- Leah

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