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This holiday weekend my guy and I mastered the “art of doing nothing.” Well, almost. This is how I would describe this year’s Fourth of July weekend – we. did. nothing. – and it felt wonderful!

  • JULY 3RD, THURSDAY: Happy Hour with the girls at Tacolicious. Hungout with J for another glass of wine at Skylark in the Mission after H went home and A went to another party. Then we bought pupusas to take home to our men. Went home at almost 10 pm knowing it was going to be a loooong weekend and no work tomorrow! Yay!
  • JULY 4TH, FRIDAY:  “Just me and my guy” 4th of July. Barbeque, movie marathon, being lazy and lit the fireworks in the evening. My guy and I stayed up until 2 am. It was romantic in a lazy kind of way and super-fun!
  • JULY 5TH, SATURDAY:  We were planning to go for a drive to Half Moon Bay. We woke up at around 8 am but went back to sleep at almost 10 am and did not wake up until past noon! Yikes! We have not done this in a long time!!! I made him a brunch of pancakes and egg omelette while I had the leftover pupusa and coffee.  Stayed in our pjs  all day and watched more TV. We finally left the house for  date night at Tambo  – a Peruvian restaurant in Oakland. (I guess, Half Moon Bay will just have to wait until next weekend.)
  • JULY 6TH, SUNDAY: “Me Time."  House chores. Jazz and lots of it. Mud mask and deep hair conditioning. A quick run to Trader Joe’s to stock up on goodies.  Pasta with feta, fresh basil, parmesan and Blood Orange EVOO. Two glasses of refreshing rosé . Downloaded Photoshop and learning. Devoured a thrilling detective story set in Paris (nope, no chicklit this time). Candles. Warm mini peach and blueberry pies from Trader Joe’s. And the purring kitty.

Good night and have a wonderful second week of July ahead of you!

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Welcome to Deliciously. My warm and snug little space in this big, wild world. This blog is about my everyday life in San Francisco (where I work) and Oakland (where I live). I strive to live a life that is full of gratitude, coziness and simple joys. This is my personal journal and photo album where I post photos of lovely things that I capture on camera, travels and delicious meals that I share with my family and friends. Just a simple, happy blog. Thank you for stopping by! -- Leah

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