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100 Happy Moments

     9:  Little Work Souvenirs From My Guy

I am very easy to please. I like cute little things and my guy knows this. His work takes him to different places where junky yet cute stuff abound. He always brings those little toys for me. When he returned from a conference in Las Vegas, he brought me a bag full of little items. Some were really useless 🙂 but there were some treasures as well – like this really nice good quality journal. I got about 3 dozen pens from different companies, a coffee cup, this little green guy, candies, lighter, rubik’s cube, tech toys, etc. It was like getting a bunch of stocking stuffers on Christmas. He asks me why I like little things. I just like them. The make me happy.  And I think because it brings me joy to know that he is thinking about me when he remembers to bring those stuff for me.

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Welcome to Deliciously. My warm and snug little space in this big, wild world. This blog is about my everyday life in San Francisco (where I work) and Oakland (where I live). I strive to live a life that is full of gratitude, coziness and simple joys. This is my personal journal and photo album where I post photos of lovely things that I capture on camera, travels and delicious meals that I share with my family and friends. Just a simple, happy blog. Thank you for stopping by! -- Leah

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