✿ BFF’s Birthday Celeb at Hardwater ✿


Hard Water is chic, contemporary and beautiful – just like the birthday girl. It was BFF Heather’s birthday.


Year after year we celebrate each others’ birthday. Hard Water is the chosen venue this year because it is so close to the Ferry Building. (If you read my previous posts, girls afternoon out with Heather and I always conclude at the Ferry Building for strolling, drinks and window-shopping. It is our foodie heaven.)

Hard Water is Charles Phan’s new culinary adventure. He made a breakthrough in the SF food scene when Slanted Door became a huge success. Mostly known as for his adventurous take on the Asian cuisine, Hard Water is Southern inspired. We started off with a very nice plate of butter lettuce salad with buttermilk dressing. So simple but really good.


Heather ordered a bowl of Seafood Gumbo. When I saw it, I felt bad for her. It was so small. I urged her to order more food since birthdays are for splurging but she was okay with it.


On the other hand, my Gulf Flounder Po Boy with Chips was ginormous!


Whenever we take the afternoon out drinks are always a must. Heather had the Pimm’s Cup while I ordered the Dixie Cocktail. Oh my Lord! That was the strongest drink I ever had in my life! It was like a horse tranquilizer. 6 hours later I was still dizzy and I actually fell asleep early on the couch when I got home. I will avoid this cocktail for the rest of my life!


Here is the beautiful birthday girl with her birthday drink.


Heather thought Hard Water was just okay. I fared better with my po boy –  both the fish and potatoes were fresh and tasty. The place is not big but lovely. The stools were very uncomfortable unless you have legs that go on for miles – unfortunately, not my fun-size 5 ft self. No tables, just counter seats either at the contemporary u-shaped bar, facing the water, street or walls. At least we were facing the beautiful Embarcadero with the view of Coit Tower. I will recommend Hard Water for drinks and quick eats but not for relaxing, stretched out meal.

And as always we walked to the Ferry Building, had so much fun and drank Blue Bottle Coffee before calling it another “beautiful afternoon of friendship."  Cheers to the lovely birthday girl!  (Heather –You have to order a special dish next year on your birthday!) xoxo

(By the way, Hard Water = Whisky)

O5.30.14, San Francisco

Not Crazy But Like It Enough: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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