Friday Night Snapshot #1:

It’s been that kind of a day …No, it has been that kind of week.

I am not saying that I do not enjoy spending time with my guy. I do. I really do. In fact, I already miss him while he is away camping with the boys for the weekend.

But I am also enjoying this very rare opportunity to be by myself. Moments like this do not come often when you are in a relationship. And it is so easy to lose yourself when you are in one, and forget what you used to enjoy as your own person, and not half of a whole. And this is how this Friday night is going to go down:

  • Shopping at Nordstrom Rack before I went home. I took my time trying on  clothes and shoes but settled on buying a red polka dot scarf, instead.
  • Jazz. Lots of intoxicating/soul-penetrating jazz on Pandora.
  • Red wine.
  • Candles.
  • A nice hot shower and pjs.
  • A pot of  faux cioppino that it stewing on the stove with chockful of shrimp, mussels and scallops.
  • Hot crusty bread.
  • Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream
  • 80s movie, Sex and The City reruns,  French and Spanish DVDs waiting to be watched.
  • A cozy mystery waiting to be devoured.
  • A fat kitty cat who wants to be hugged.
  • Comfy bed with quilt and lots of pillows.
  • Either a late night-er or an early one of sound sleep with plenty of sweet dreams.

Have a restful (or crazy) Friday evening – however you choose to spend yours but make sure to have fun!


Welcome to Deliciously. My warm and snug little space in this big, wild world. This blog is about my everyday life in San Francisco (where I work) and Oakland (where I live). I strive to live a life that is full of gratitude, coziness and simple joys. This is my personal journal and photo album where I post photos of lovely things that I capture on camera, travels and delicious meals that I share with my family and friends. Just a simple, happy blog. Thank you for stopping by! -- Leah

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