Date Night @ La Santaneca De La Mission (SF)

My guy and I were famished after spending an afternoon at Carnaval. We wanted to stay with this date night’s “Latin American” theme. We decided to take advantage of the delicious Latin cuisine while in the Mission. We chose to eat at La Santaneca. This restaurant holds a special place in my memory. When my guy and I first started dating about 7 years ago, we were all over San Francisco and just trying different things, places and food. It has been about that long since we last ate here together.

La Santaneca is a mom and pop Salvadorean restaurant. It is recommended by my mejor amiga Edelmira who was born and raised in El Salvador. I have been back many times by myself to pick up an order of Pupusas for “Takeout Friday” for dinner at home. Pupusa is probably the most popular Salvadorean dish. I will describe it as “quesadilla hot pocket” or sealed quesadilla. Many combinations are available: cheese, pork and cheese, revuelta (cheese, beans, and chicharrón), etc.

Pupusas are typically served with curtido (lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar) and a watery tomato salsa. The first time I had pupusas, I was so addicted that I was eating it almost everyday that I had to practice pupusas abstinence since they are really fattening! 😦

Back to date night, I was surprised when my guy did not order pupusas. These were our orders (served with tortillas):

  • Combination plate of chile relleno and tamales – El Salvadorean style – (meat inside the chile and a little cheese (for him).$12.95
  • Simple meal of fried fish, rice and beans but was really delicious (for me). $13.95
  • 4 pupusas to go. (Of course, my guy had to order pupusas to-go which he ate later while watching a movie.)

$48 including tip, 2 cokes and 4 pupusas to go


Delicious, cheap and filling. Service is friendly but very slow. We waited 45 minutes for food.


La Santaneca is a great place for CHEAP but fun date night dinner. Pupusas are only $2 each while a pupusas plate (2 pupusas with rice and beans) is only $7.95.

  • 2815 Mission St b/t 24th St & 25th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110 

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