✿ The Saturday Morning Post ✿



It has been an exhausting week at work. Despite everything, I am grateful to have a job that I really enjoy. Everyday I say a prayer of thanks for giving me a work space that is beautiful and for co-workers who are supportive and kind.


  • FREE MEALS! : Who does not love free food?! I do! 🙂 I got free lunches  almost everyday this week at work. 01. FALAFEL AND GREEN SALAD on Wednesday, 02. TOGO’S CHICKEN SANDO AND ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD on Thursday and 03. STARBUCKS, CHEESE AND CRACKERS AND TURKEY WRAP on Friday. I was well-fed this week despite the craziness!
  • HAPPENSTANCE: I stumbled upon a neighborhood farmer’s market in SF – Mission Community Market. What a sweet find on Thursday afternoon. The market was small but fun and teeming with produce, gourmet cheeses and pastries. There was even live music. I just love farmer’s markets. Somehow they bring me solitude and joy.
  • NEW TOY: A new Nikon J1. I am not ready to commit to a DSLR and I know that I will never carry a big camera with lens. This “starter"  point and shoot/DSRL is perfect for me. I anxiously waited for it in the mail and I am so stoked to take all kinds of pictures at home!
  • SWEET TREATS: Mini-cupcakes at Mission MIni’s! I have been so bad this week. I had almond cookies on Monday and Tuesday for dessert, morning bun for breakfast on Wednesday, aztec chocolate and cinnamon  mini-cupcakes on Thursday. Bad, bad girl!
  • DAY AWAY FROM WORK: I attended an interesting training in Berkeley on Wednesday, and was able to go home a couple of hours early. I spent these two hours buying garden stuff and gardening. Nice!

Despite the very busy week, it was a blessed one with family and friends always letting me know in small ways that they care – as always!

Have a great weekend!

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