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✿ Little Escapes ✿

Little Escapes:  A Sit-Down Weekday Breakfast


Moments of solitude do not come often in my very busy world.

I am always grateful even for just few minutes of peace and quiet if I could have them.

Today, I had few moments, literally just 10 minutes, to have a quiet breakfast at an eatery not far from work. The place was bright, contemporary and attractive. I chose to sit at an arm chair at the lounge area that resembles a homey living room.

There were even books and magazines for browsing while you are waiting for your order, or while you are eating.  I spotted Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and started reading the first page while sipping on my strong cup of coffee.

I thought – “A hot cup of coffee, 10 minutes of uninterrupted breakfast and classic literature on a Tuesday – bliss!”

My breakfast of bacon and egg sandwich on wheat toast was finally delivered on the coffee table in front of me, and I was about to enjoy my first bite. Then, this man – with all  the empty tables at the restaurant – decided to sit on the arm chair across from me!  It changed everything. I felt uncomfortable that I only ate half of my sandwich and decided to take the rest to go.

It is  very interesting to me how people have different concepts of personal space. As much as I need a healthy wide berth of space between me and others, it is difficult when people who need less space invade mine.

Anyway, I had a perfect moment while drinking my hot cup of coffee and reading. It was very brief but I am still grateful, for it helped me get grounded today. 

And I will put “Mrs Dalloway” on my list of books to read.

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