Girls Lunch Date @ Ajisen (SF)


Meeting up with my girlfriends for a weekday lunch is something that I always look forward to. Even for just an hour or so, it is so nice to share a meal with a friend and catch up on life. Those lunch dates with friends always bring sunshine to my day that last the rest of the week as well.

My amiga Edelmira chose Ajisen because it is so conveniently located at the Westfield SF Shopping Center. It was super-packed at lunch time but the line went really fast.

It was her first time at Ajisen and she ordered a bowl of “Seafood Ramen: $9.95, while I ordered the signature "Ajisen Ramen” $7.95 which had chockful of stuff including seaweed, pork, soy sauce egg and corn.


She loved her ramen and told me that she will bring her husband for a quick weekday lunch date. As much as I love ramen, I only eat it once in a blue moon because of the high sodium content which I really try to avoid. Otherwise, my face will surely look like a hot air balloon the next day.

Ajisen does not get much love on Yelp but it is good enough for me. I find the broth to be flavorful and the noodles al dente. I also love the convenient location where I often go shopping to burn off the ramen calories if I do not have to go back to work. And the value is great!

A comforting bowl of ramen, lovely friend and a sunny afternoon – life’s greatest pleasures!

PS And thanks for the card and cute sushi kit, Edelmira. (I am so blessed that my friends always spoil me!)

I Like It!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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