Little Blessings


Little Blessings # 7: The Gift of  H O P E

“You don’t remember me, do you? Many years ago, you helped me. Thank you.”

A man approached me today. He was right. I could not recall who he was – until he told me his name. Then I remembered. He told me that he is now in a better place in his life.

He thinks it was me who helped him. However, it was him who gave me a very nice gift – a gift where I can say at the end of my day,  “I did good.”

Sometime this week, a miniature rose bush that has not bloomed for years yielded one tiny little rose in my garden. I planted this rose plant 3 years ago when my old cat passed away. I planted it in his memory. Many times, I was almost tempted to yank the plant out because it just looked dry and gnarly. Then a couple of days ago, this tiny white rose struggled to bloom. It was tiny and not as pretty as  the colorful flowers around it.

For me, it is the most special rose. It stood out for its simple beauty.  

There are so many lessons to be learned from this one tiny flower. My lesson? Hope is just waiting for its perfect moment. We just have to be patient and allow God to say “The perfect time is now.”

This is how God spoke to me today – through a stranger and a perfect rose.

*100 Little Blessings — Of course, every blessing is the biggest blessings of all. The challenge is to notice little joys everyday and to say a prayer of thanks for life’s blessings.

05.08.14, Oakland

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