When I was younger, it was all about being popular. As I get older, I realize that it is not about how many people who want to be associated with you, but how many real friends will stick around when you need them.  Distance and busyness of life have nothing to do with the bond of friendship – because loyal friends would look those life inconveniences straight in the eye – to be there for you in happy moments, or darkest days of your life.

I have less friends now but the ones that I have are the ones for life, and hopefully the ones I will grow old with.

And as I get older, I also realized that it is harder to establish strong friendships that are not based on partying, clubbing and gossips. True friends are becoming more of a rare find – but once you found one, you have found an unmatched wealth.

K is one of those friends who came later. What makes it more unusual was I was her boss for years. For years we developed a closeness that was grounded on professionalism and mutual respect. Now we are equals. I am no longer her supervisor and we do not have a work protocol to follow. She says that she learned a lot from me and that I am her mentor. Being over a decade and half older than me, I am the one who is learning a lot from her maturity and life experiences. And she continues to stay despite not really having to  see me anymore. People often say that they will keep in touch but made good with her words.  Despite everything she makes time to keep me posted about life in general. And I, in return, am always happy to hear from her and see her again.

So, today we met up for lunch and shared a pot of ginger tea. I just realized that I am blessed to find another real friend in this world of superficial relationships.

*100 Little Blessings — The challenge is to notice little joys everyday and to say a prayer of thanks for life’s little blessings.

04.18.14 San Francisco

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