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100 Happy Moments 

     2. Pretty Things from Travels

EGG: Exciting Good + Goodies from the Philippines

When I went back to visit Manila last year, I fell in love with EGG. It is a store that sells the cutest stuff – tablet and cell phone covers, travel tags, pretty pouches, etc.

I was so excited that I just started grabbing all kinds of stuff for myself and my girls. I got a cover for my Kindle and recently, I got a new Samsung S4. I badly needed something to protect it then I remembered the stuff I got from EGG.

All my girlfriends love their make up purses and phone pouches as well – in polka dots and pastels. When the staff overheard that I was planning to give the items as presents, they just gave me a bunch of store paper pouch to put them in. Even the paper pouches were so cute – no need to wrap the presents, I just wish I knew where I put them.

I use my Kindle and cell phone pouches every single day, and use the travel tag for my train card. They remind me of the PI and just make me happy. Simple joys.

I am dreaming of visiting the PI again just so I can shop at EGG once again.

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