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San Francisco | BFF Afternoon Tea At Leland Tea

Leland Tea Company (SF)

04.10.2014, Thursday, Warm and Sunny

Many Bay Area folks would admit to having a torrid love affair with brunch. Not only do I hate brunch, I prefer afternoon tea. If I had the luxury of time and tons of dollars, I will make sure to indulge in afternoon teas everyday, and dress up for it. 


An elaborate afternoon tea with pretty teapots and delicate cups, and dainty little cakes and tea sandwiches is magical. And afternoon teas are just always so pretty.



Since I cannot have that every single day, what I can have, though, at any time of the day is a cup of tea. Even one single hot cup that warms my hands and my body is so healing.



Tea tells me that it is okay to stop for a moment. To have a perfect few minutes in this chaotic world. Tea brings me serenity and joy.


Tea, when shared with a good friend, enables us to let go of whatever is in our heart. That is the magic of tea. No demands. You can just be quiet or laugh or reminisce or share your worries. Being in a company of a good friend over tea, you feel like that you have everything you need – warmth, friendship and being cared for.

My BFF, Heather, treated me to an afternoon tea at Leland Tea Company. Leland Tea is a casual tea shop.



The decor was quirky and nostalgic. It reminds me of the rolling 20s and bygone eras.

Our tea set came with a choice of two teas, two tea sandwiches and pastries. I really enjoyed the house black tea. I wish I knew what it was but it was aromatic and pleasantly strong. Heather and I shared the little salmon sandwiches, cucumber tea sandwiches, madeleines and scones.  The sandwiches were lovely but I was not impressed with the pastries.



Our tea was simple but pretty as expected.

It was a short but sweet break. Heather and I met up during our lunch break. However, with the lovely tea and equally lovely company, I went back to work happy and feeling blessed for being given such a great friend.

Thanks for the lovely treat, Heather!


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