Birthday Lunch Date/Girls Afternoon Out: The Cavalier (SF)

Cavalier was described by SF food critic Michael Bauer as:

“The Cavalier may take license with the English pub theme, but it has a fun vibe – evoking London by way of San Francisco.”

In all reality when BFF Heather asked me to choose a venue for my birthday lunch – (I know I am one spoiled and lucky gal with an awesome BFF)– I chose The Cavalier because it is just a block away from Powell BART.  I thought it would be a perfect starting point for a whole afternoon of girls afternoon out in the City for shopping and strolling to the Ferry Building.

Right after we decided to come here, I found out that Cavalier is starting to garner attention  from excited foodies in SF. And it was a perfect choice for my birthday lunch. Our drinks were solid and strong. (Yummy drinks are very important ingredients for a perfect girls day out, you know!)

  • Heather and I really enjoyed sipping on Pimms Cup and White Lady at 1 o’ clock in the afternoon. (Heather and I only worked until noon that day.)
  • She had the crab sandwich with salad while since it was my birthday, I went all out and had fries with my lamb sammie.


It was a very enjoyable light lunch experience. The Cavalier is fun, casual but still retained a classy vibe. Our lunch items were simple but the dinner menus are actually quite interesting and more innovative. I have to return here with the BF during one of our date nights to have a full experience of Cavalier’s British Pub cuisine.

NOTE TO SELF: Check out the Lamb and Oyster Pie and Duck Duck Scotch Egg next time!

Thanks again for such a splurgey and fun afternoon, Heather!! xoxo

[Personal Notes]

Neighborhood: Downtown SF

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ I Love It!

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