Paxti’s Pizza @ Hayes Valley (SF)

Paxti’s is known for the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I was sold on  the Margherita thin crust using OO flour. OO flour made the crust crispy but with also a chewy consistency.

I got the pizzas for my team. I also got them a large The Matt Cain (Perfect!) $20/$24/$28 Zoe’s pepperoni, garlic-fennel sausage. However I did not get to try it but every one liked both the deep-dish and thin crust.

Note to Self:  I really want to try the Vegan $21.5/$26/$30.5 Whole wheat crust, fresh spinach, crushed garlic, red onion, Daiya vegan cheese one of these days.

I got the pizzas for pick-up but the restaurant was attractive with loft-like architecture of high ceilings and brick walls.

                      $50 for 2 large pizzas with plentiy of leftovers


Neighborhood: Hayes Valley

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