Girlfriends Lunch Date : TURTLE TOWER (SF)


A very enjoyable lunch with my good friend, Parker. She ordered the famed Pho Ga (chicken soup) which she totally adored for its light and clean taste. $6.50

I had the Grilled Pork over Rice. It came with a nice clear broth on the side. $7.50

We shared 2 pieces of the Imperial Rolls which were yummy but slightly greasy and skinny for $2.25 a piece. Not a great value.

My pork over rice was just okay. The portion was small and the pork pieces were fatty although flavorful.

I’ll say pho is the way to go when dining at Turtle Tower.

                                            $23 including tip

(Turtle Tower’s Pho Ga is a mainstay on SF Big Eat 7×7 100 Things to Try Before You Die.)

It’s Okay:

Neighborhood: The TL

(Thank you a very enjoyable lunch and support over the years!)

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