Date Night Local Travel: Monterey, October 12-13, 2013


I truly love finding hidden gems.

We discovered Cafe Carlos on our way to a weekend getaway in Monterey. We decided to get off Highway 17 in search of a decent lunch and we  took our chance at Cafe Carlos which is hidden behind Chevron.

Cafe Carlos is a  mom and pop place. It is fun to see the extended family come in where they attempted to have a meal of their own with the kids, but the parents got up to assist granddad Pepe. We figured out right away that he is the friendly owner who was running around by himself taking orders and serving but with the biggest smile on his face. 

We had the:

TAQUITOS $8.50 Served with guacamole, rice and beans, and sour cream.

HUEVOS CON CHORIZO$8.50 2 scrambled eggs with onions, peppers and chorizo, with rice and beans

MACHACA CON HUEVOS $8.50 Shredded beef, scrambled eggs, onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, with rice and beans

Overall, this had not been the best Mexican food we ever had but it was good and we will definitely return if we find ourselves on this neck of the woods.  And the portions were HUGE. The restaurant was cheerful and cozy.

Their prices are great too.

Check: $28 before tip with soda and mineral water

There is also an outdoor patio that would make a great area for a party on a gorgeous weekend.

*Not a destination but bookmark this on Yelp or something just in case you find yourselves looking for a decent meal in the Santa Cruz County.

4 Hearts: I like it!

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