Date Night Girl Eats “Solo Lunch”


I love Vietnamese food but my sensitivity to sodium and MSG has prevented me from being able to occasionally enjoy a bowl of ramen and pho.

I have gladly replaced my pho cravings with cold vermicelli noodle dishes or bun. At least I can indulge my noodle addiction minus the MSG-laden broth.

And today I was really craving bun and imperial rolls that I could almost feel the crispy fried rice paper in crunching in my mouth. I was on my way to my go-to  Vietnamese place in the TL (Pho 2000) when Golden Lotus caught my interest.

Golden Lotus has moved into Turtle Tower’s old space (Turtle Tower is the home of Pho Ga which is an item on  SF Big Eats 7×7 100 Things to Try Before You Die.) It has been spiffed up with a fresh coat of paint and is brighter and cleaner.

I ended up getting #23 Bun Tom Thit Noung or Cold Vermicelli Noodles with Grilled Shrimp MINUS the pork that came with it to accommodate my pescetarian diet. $7.65


  1. Golden Lotus is the newest addition to TL’s pho scene.
  2. Very limited menu with just 3 vegetarian dishes on the menu.
  3. Small portions
  4. Tasty and fresh but loaded with MSG. I was thirsty all afternoon!
  5. Accepts credit cards where other Vietnamese restaurants in the area do not.

Glad I tried it but next time I am going back to Pho 2000 where I can satisfy my vegetarian imperial roll cravings. Given that there are a hundred Vietnamese places in the TL, Golden Lotus will not among my go-to place.)

Neighborhood: TL

3 Hearts: Just Okay. 😦

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