Closed: San Francisco Honey Bistro

Date Night Girl Eats “Breakfast”


The soulless cafeteria “98 Cafe” has been reincarnated as the loungey “Honey Bistro”.  Located within the vicinity of the SF Federal Building, this new eatery at South of Market provided me a comfortable breakfast spot during the infuriating BART strike in mid-October.



Arriving in the City an hour before work during the strike, I sat at Honey Bistro’s comfy sofa chairs and ordered the Honey Bear Sandwich.  Imagine “The Elvis” – a grilled panini with gooey nutella, peanut butter, banana, honey AND BACON!!! I lived dangerously that morning and enjoyed every bite.


This sandwich was very yummy and such a treat for my sweet tooth. I think I am addicted but I curbed my addiction by trying something else on my next visit.What I got was two open-faced grilled bread topped with goat cheese, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and basil pesto with salad.

It was a hearty, savory, delicious and filling breakfast.

At A Glance:

Honey Bistro is a clean and attractive enough breakfast/lunch spot at South of Market on 7th and Mission. Aside from the sofa chairs and a couple of round tables for 2, the rest are communal seatings on long wood tables.

An open but fenced in space is available for eating outdoors.

Place your order with the cashier and your order will be brought to you.

Portions are on the generous side. Staff were friendly. Coffee was generic.

Neighborhood: South of Market

4 Hearts: I like it!

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