Date Night: August 24, 2013 @ 5 PM

My Pescetarian 3.0 self has no business eating at a burger joint. So I thought.

I have salivated over the Truffle Burger at Umami in SF for the longest time. And that says a lot because I hardly ate burgers even as a carnivore. If you ever see me eat a burger, buy a lotto ticket.

When Umami opened in Oakland, I did not have to go far. Of course, this is also after reading the online menu in advance and finding out about the “Un-Beef” options.


Umami is industrial and contemporary. A giant Asian-inspired mural was the focal point. The whole restaurant was bright. The tables and chairs were made of blonde wood.


Umami is definitely frou-frou. It is not your typical greasy burger joint. Service was friendly but pretentious. Yup! Pre-ten-tious. Our server gave us a spiel on the fine quality of their beef and that they ground their own beef every hour. What made me almost laugh was when I asked for Tabasco. Our server was almost indignant and told me that they do not use Tabasco. They make their own hot sauce which was brought to me in a Chinese soup spoon. Whatever!


EARTH BURGER $12: Mushroom and edamame patty, truffled ricotta, cipollini onions, butter lettuce, roasted tomato, white soy aioli

Despite the fact that I had to forgo meat, my veggie burger was actually quite delicious. It was very moist and had a lot of nice flavors.  Needless to say, I did not feel gypped not eating a “real” burger. Totally enjoyable, less guilt and I would totally eat this again!

TRUFFLE BURGER $12: With roast garlic aioli and truffle cheese

If my burger had been less stellar, I would have been jealous of My Carnivore’s beef burger.  He gave good reports that it was a good burger–moist and tasty. He liked the truffle cheese.


And I could see why he liked the truffle cheese after I tasted the Truffle Cheese Fries. The truffle cheese was so buttery and nicely earthy. The thin fries were crispy and hot. It was soooo good!


I tried one. Nothing to write home about and it fell apart.


I do not think that I have had fried pickles before.  This  got me pretty intrigued. SKIP! I found out that juicy pickles are just not meant to be fried. The taste and texture were just plain weird but I am glad that I tried it.

CHECK: $63 including 1 beer and 2 sodas

Pricey frou-frou burgers. Portions are adequate but small if you will compare them to standard American burgers. It was a good dining experience. My guy and I both agreed that we would like to go back again.


Next time I will try the Ahi Tuna Burger and definitely those Truffle Cheese Fries again. And probably imbibe one of the cocktails.

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