Date Night Girl and Girlfriend Eats “Pastries”


As a “recovering” foodie, I do not follow food trends anymore.  I stopped allowing food critiques from telling me what I should really be eating next.

There are a couple of restaurants that actually managed to make me curious enough to wake up the foodie in me.   Craftsman and Wolves is one of the two. (The other one is State Bird Provisions.)

Lucky gal that I am, my Foodie BFF surprised me yesterday with pastries (guess from where?) – Craftsman and Wolves! As soon as she handed me the brown box stamped with the C&W logo, I was ecstatic. When she opened the box to show me that she got me the infamous “Rebel Within”, she totally made not just my day but my week. Of course, it was really the friendship that sweetened the deal.


#19 on  SF Big Eat 7×7 (2013): 100 Things to Eat in SF Before You Die

Pictures of oozing creamy yellow egg yolk on food blogs have seduced me for months. I have read that this pastry is so popular that they are gone by mid-morning. Work duties and the fact that I am not a morning person have prevented me from taking the 5 minute BART train ride to C&W.

The Rebel Within resembles a plump muffin.  When I cut “The Rebel Within” in half, I was rewarded with the runny yolk that I had so anticipated to taste and see.  The biscuit encrusting the egg had a nice combination of savory flavors from the herbs (maybe bacon but I do not want to know since I am a pescetarian.)

Eating the Rebel Within is one of those foodie moments where you are glad you finally tried what everyone else and their mothers have been raving about. But then you are also left with “did-I-just-miss-something-feeling" leaving you staring at your empty plate of crumbs.

I also know that my generous friend paid $7.61 for the Rebel Within which is a lot and probably the most expensive muffin in SF!


A loaf of hazelnut topped dense cake that is very rich and on the sweet side. I really enjoyed this one.


My Foodie BFF and I are planning to try Craftsman and Wolves’ afternoon tea one of these days.

Thanks for the sweet thoughts and lovely pastries, Heather. And thanks for spoiling me! xoxo

Neighborhood: Mission

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