199 Reasons to Visit the San Francisco Ferry Building:

#107 Bouli Bar

Gals’ Afternoon Date @ The Ferry Building: 08.23.13

My BFF Heather and I did not make any reservation for lunch. We just wanted to see what would look good at the Ferry Building.

Bouli Bar’s trendy space and its Mediterannean menu enticed us enough to choose this venue to have a nice long leisurely lunch over a glass of wine. Bouli is related to Boulette’s Larder. It is still very new and opened just 2 weeks ago in mid-July 2013.


Bouli Bar’s space is open, contemporary and chic. The majority of the seating is at the long blonde wood communal tables. Heather and I chose to sit at the overspill table at the main isle of the building. We had no access to the stylish design of the restaurant but it was fun to watch the hustle and bustle of tourists and local foodies alike.

Bouli’s menu is centered around artisanal pizzas cooked in the wood-fired oven, mezze platters and Eastern Mediterranean-inspired salads.

We chose the following:

A Mezze Platter Served with Crusty Bread: (3 for $18)

1. Carrot Relish: honey, raisin, walnut, verjus

2. Smokey Eggplant: lemon, olive oil, herbs, garlic

3. Lesco: eastern european pepper, tomato & paprika ragout


Eastern Mediterranean Salad: purslane, barberries, freekeh, bulgur, cucumber, tomato, ricotta salata, pomegranate reduction, red wine vinaigrette $18.00


Talk about flavor explosion! Every grain, vegetables and ingredients just burst in our mouth. Every flavor was magnified hundred times yet perfectly balanced. Every ingredient was so fresh that the “farm-to-table” concept was truly executed in our dishes.


Given the location and high-quality ingredients, I should not be surprised to be amply charged for our meal but I still thought it was pretty pricey despite the adequate portions.

We paid $70 or $35 a piece (with tip) for a salad, mezze platter and 2 glasses of wine ( $12 each).

I do not mind a return visit though for another glass of wine and “burst in your mouth” salad but I will have to make sure that I do not have to sit at one of those awful communal tables. Just not a fan of breaking bread with total strangers.

A lovely lunch with my lovely friend at our favorite spot in SF – The Ferry Building!

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