Original Joe’s (San Jose)

Date Night: 08.03.13

We first learned about Original Joe’s while watching Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food.”  Here is the link to the episode: http://www.travelchannel.com/video/eat-like-a-fat-and-happy-roman

We went back for date night after attending a family party in San Jose. 

Stepping into OJ SJ was like taking the time machine back to the 1950’s. The decor consists of  vintage signage, dark leather booths, oversized urns and old B&W pictures.  The servers were in black or red and white tuxedo uniforms that we rarely see these days. Even though the long counter seating has been updated, the ambiance is still old-school and nostalgic. Even one of the our servers has been with OJ for ~40 years!

Original Joe’s is  teeming with history.   OJ San Jose was established in 1956 by the Rocca Family while the first OJ was founded in 1937 in San Francisco.

Original Joe’s is known for gigantic portions. Portions are platters that could feed a small family. Main entrees come with choices of veggies or raviolis as sides.  Our server told us that not many desserts come out of OJ’s kitchen, and that it is a tradition for people to leave OJ with a big doggy bag!

And we did leave OJ with the requisite doggy bag during the two times that we dined at this restaurant.

This time our meal consisted of:

*2 orders of Bloody Mary $9 each: OJ makes a mean Bloody Mary. Strong and good!

*Prawn Cocktail: The prawns were plump, fresh and huge.

*Ribeye Steak $34.95: I reminded my guy that he was not too happy with OJ’s Prime Rib in the past but he insisted on ordering meat again. Once again he said “it was just okay.” The meat was crispy and slightly burnt.

*Calamari Steak $19.95: Tender, sweet and tasty. I liked it!

Original Joe’s is an Italian place and known for pasta but since we are watching our carbs, we have been avoiding the pasta.  The side of ravioli was really good, though. The pasta is made in-house and very fresh.

Next time, I will definitely try the pasta!

Check: $130 including tip

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