Onigilly (SF)

Third time’s the charm at Onigilly. I thought Onigilly was pricey, messy and unsatisfying during the first two times I have tried this street vendor over a year ago.

It seems like Onigilly has “perfected” their product since then. Onigillly is a word play on onigiri which is a Japanese rice ball.  I have always loved these portable rice and meat (or sometimes fish or veggie) wrapped in seaweed. It is the perfect meal on the go and would not require any utensils to eat.

Onigilly sells their seaweed at $3 each while I can usually get them in Japantown for $1.75 a piece. However, Onigilly boasts of using organic ingredients. Their version is also not traditional but rather leans more on  the healthier California-Fusion cuisine.

I have tried the following onigiri and they were all good:

1. Spicy Shrimp with Aioli and pollock roe

2. Hijiki (braised seaweed strings in soy sauce)

3. Ume (Pickled plum)

These are delicious little balls. The  lunch set with 3 onigiri, edamame and pickes ($9) amazingly hits the spot.

Onigilly also has a brick and mortar restaurant in SF while the foodcart can be found all over SF. Check out their website: http://onigilly.com/

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