Fresca (Fillmore) SF

Date Night: 07.16.13 @ 5 PM

 *Fillmore Jazz Festival and Pre-Movie Dinner at the Kabuki: The Lone Ranger

Fresca hooked us up while dining during the Fillmore Jazz Festival.  We were seated right by the window where we could see the stage and listen to the jazz artists. We felt like we were part of the crowd but we were comforably sitting and while I was  happily sipping my delicious cold sangria $9.

Fresca is a Nouveau Peruvian restaurant. This has been our second time dining at this place. Each time we were happy and satisfied with the dishes.


We started off with the Cuartro Ceviche $20: a selection of 4 ceviche. I chose mixed seafood, hamachi, salmon and scallops. They were fresh and well-marinated. Hominy and cancha (Peruvian corn nuts) were also served with the ceviche. We ordered a side of the Fried Plantains $6 for scooping up the fish. Nice and crunchy!

My Carnivore ordered the New York steak $27 which he reported as good. I had to get Lomo Saltado $20. I just cannot resist this popular Peruvian comfort food which is traditionally served with rice and fried potatoes. Maybe because it reminds me of Bistek, which is a Filipino brisket dish that is marinated in Philippine lime and soy sauce. Lomo Saltado is very similar except the sliced tenderloin is cooked in red wine vinegar and soy sauce. Chiles, cilantro and other ingredients are also added. Fresca’s lomo saltado is one of the best I’ve had. The beef strips were tender and very tasty.


It would have been a near-perfect dinner if not for the rude service we received from our server. He rushed us to order as soon as we sat down. No greetings and pushed our appetizer plates to the side when our main entrees arrived. However, the hostess and bus person were very friendly. Such a shame that service might prevent us from going back again because we truly enjoyed the food and we like the date night worthy ambiance.

(Another food review site validated that service is often rude. I would not be surprised if it was just that one waiter.)

Check: $91 before tip

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