This is how a lady has celebrated her 70th  birthday: with 14 of her girlfriends (young and young at heart), with a chocolate shake spiked with rum on her way to the restaurant with a breathtaking view of the lake; with tiaras, feather boas and sunglasses for each of her girlfriend; and colorful beads on the table. Then she blew the candles on her chocolate cake before she was whisked off to a 9:30 pm Beach Blanket Babylon” show in the city which was full of laughs, and more wine and cosmo at  O’Reilly’s Irish Pub where she was serenated by men of all ages until past midnight.

When I turn 70 (in many, many decades from now, thankfully) I would love to be a hot mama like her!

Lesson learned: Just because you are old does not mean you have to feel old, act old and stop living! Life is good at any age!

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