Homemade Cold Ramen from Super Mira (SF)

Super Mira is an organic Japanese store in Japantown. The Japanese owner’s motto for his store is “Cherish Health." 

This is a "must stop” for me everytime I am in J-Town. I stock up on fresh fish, freshly made in-house Japanese dishes such as oden soup, udon, ramen, sushi, etc.

And yesterday, after getting a massage at Sain Saine, a “healthy” dinner of non-MSG cold ramen was apropos. Very fitting for this “heat wave” of upper 70s in SF! (Yes, that’s too warm for us Bay Area folks!)

And it was one nutritious ramen. The noodles were chewy the sesame sauce was sweet and savory. There were many textures going on such as the crispy greens, cherry tomato and a stick  of surimi (imitation crab).

With the half an hour massage in which I just turned into a jellyfish, “me time” and clean food from Super Mira, yesterday was truly a day where good health was cherished.

Pamper Me Time: 06.28.13

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