Aniki’s Sushi (Fremont, CA)

Having access to solidly good sushi places in the SF Bay Area’s major cities of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley has turned me into a little bit of a sushi snob. Past experiences of food poisoning and disappointing sushi meals in the suburbs have made me quite paranoid when eating at unfamiliar places.

Aniki’s is located in a suburban mall but was surprisingly a notch above many sushi restaurants in the Bay Area. The menu offers an extensive array of creative American sushi rolls. This place is definitely not for the Japanese cuisine purist but dining here is enjoyable. The decor is casual but pleasing.

The fish pieces in my chirashi $22 were noticeably fresh and cut generously. Our two orders of shrimp tempura $11.95 and the spider roll were well-made and pretty good. The plating was attractive and decorated by a fresh orchid.

My nephew polished off his strawberry mochi ice cream.

Check: $70

04.03.13: Weekday lunch date with my little sis and baby nephew

*We will definitely return with the family.

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