San Francisco | BFF Lunch Date at Bask

Bask (San Francisco)

Dine About Town: June 14, 2013 @ Noon

You could have carried me to Bask in my sleep then tell me that we were having lunch in Spain and I would have believed you.

Located in the Northbeach/Chinatown neighborhood of SF, the feel at this tapas restaurant was very European. Well, that is not surprising given one of SF’s monikers is “Paris of the West.”  On a gorgeously warm day Bask transported me to one of  Madrid’s sidewalk eateries.

My foodie BFF, Heather and I always make sure to sample Dine About Town’s offerings twice a year. For discounted prices of  $17.95 for lunch or $34.95 for dinner, you are offered an appetizer and main entree (sometimes dessert). Many known restaurants in SF participate in this bi-yearly restaurant event. Honestly, it is often a hit or miss experience for us but it is fun to go anyway. It has become a bi-yearly lunch tradition and an excuse to visit different neighbhorhoods in SF.

Bask’s DAT menu offered a choice of one tapa and one sandwich or main salad.


My mom often cooked squid in black ink when I was growing up in the Philippines. I loved watching the squid ink turn the white rice black.  Bask’s version was actually pretty good. Topped with nice crunchy thinly-sliced garlic, the sauce was also on the sweet side.

The 2 skewers of chicken and seafood were typical (a word that is greatly used in Spain.) Good but unmemorable.

Heather ordered a CRAB SANDWICH while I chose the SALMON WITH BACON SANDWICH. They both came with a side salad. The hot weather actually killed our appetites. We only ate ½ of our sammies. I really enjoyed the well-made creamy side salad, though.

CHECK: $25 per gal including tip

I would love to return for a glass of sangria and plate of paella one of the these days while watching the hustle and bustle of the busy neighborhood. Service was very friendly but also pretty slow. Maybe they were just keeping up with the European tradition of leisurely dining but we had to bolt out of the door to go back to work!

Neighborhood: North Beach/Chinatown

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