Date Night: 06.01.13 @ 6:00 PM

Cosecha is located inside the historic Housewives’ Market in Old Oakland.  The open industrial chic space with wooden table and benches totally “wowed” us on a beautiful sunny Saturday like today.  Ambiance was laid-back, casual but fun. You order at the counter, sit at one of the benches and your food will be brought to you.

The venue also houses Periscope Wine Bar, Taylor Sausages and connects to Rosamunde Sausage Grill. (An oyster bar is coming soon.)

Cosecha is not your typical $1.25 taqueria taco joint. It uses organic , seasonal and locally sourced ingredients without sacrificing the taste. 

We started off with QUESO FUNDIDO $6 which was a hot melted cheese on top of 2 corn tortillas. I prefer the traditional glob of oozing melted cheese in a clay pot than Cosecha’s skimpy version.

And we could not resist the fresh salted TORTILLA CHIPS WITH GUACAMOLE AND PICO DE GALLO which tasted fresh and very good! $5.50

My Carnivore ordered the 3 TACOS for $13 and chose BRAISED BEEF, GRILLED CHICKEN AND PORK BELLY TACOS. He said they were really good. The tacos also came with beans and white rice.

I had the PORK POSOLE ROJO  which was generously portioned and tasted authentic (like what you will get at a Mexican restaurant in the Mission) sans heavy grease.  It was spicy-red and very flavorful.  The $10 bowl was loaded with huge tender pork and hominy and served with tortillas.

My SANGRIA was strong, sweet and full of apples and oranges. It was one of the best sangrias I’ve had and comparable to the ones I’ve had in Spain.

The portions are not super-sized but we left pretty full. You will def pay more at Cosecha than going to a mom and pop Mexican restaurant. However, it is about quality vs quantity at Cosecha.

And service was very friendly and wonderful!  We were treated to a still warm GUAVA TART on the house as soon as we finished our meal.

TOTAL: $50 before tip with one Italian soda

I am dreaming of returning for Happy Hour!

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