Move over, Roli Roti’s Porchetta Elmira Rosticceria’s PORCHETTA SANDWICH just kicked your pig butt (literalIy)!

I could not wait anymore. I had to tell the food lovers in San Francisco and everywhere  about ELMIRA ROSTICCERIA!

Elmira Rosticceria’s  PORCHETTA SANDWICH is another big win for SF as being  one of  the food capitals of the world. Eating  this pork sandwich is like eating chicharrones in between two crusty Acme bread. The pork skins were so crunchy that they were crackling in my mouth at every bite.  The whole sandwich was bursting with pork and garlic flavors with a hint of nice salsa verde. Deliciously deadly pork fat was dripping on my plate as I was eating this blissfully yummy sandwich.

The pickled veggies (come with every sandwich) provided the nice sweet and sour contrast to the saltiness of the meat. Delicious!

I also had the LAMB MEATBALL SANDWICH which were tender meatballs with mild lamb flavors in marinara sauce. I was told that these two sandwiches are the favorites among Elmira’s repeat customers.

The TRIPE SANDWICH (Lampredotto which is a traditional Italian dish) was described to me by one of the rosticceria’s staff as tripe marinating for 12 hours. I was so good that it deserves its own post!

Former Fairmont’s chef Mark Pacceti is the culinary genius behind Elmira. He can be seen working in the kitchen and it is very likely that he will drop by your table to say “hello.” He and his staff are very friendly that they  make me want to go back over and over again to this cute and cozy Italian rosticceria in the Civic Center.

1. Behind United Nations Plaza
2. BART Station: Civic Center (about 5 minutes away)
3. Beer is served.

PRICES: Sandwiches are $7.50 each.  $1.50 for extra sides of lightly dressed greens, roasted onions in pork fat, kettle chips or roasted potatoes.

For those who want to lean more on the healthy side, salads are also available.

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