DATE NIGHT: 04.27.13 @ 7 PM

It is rare nowadays to just walk into a better dining restaurant  on a Saturday evening without any reservations.  At Itaba, we just walked in without any wait and got seated right away. I guess the word is not out yet about this new-ish sushi place in the hood.

This first time was magical.


 My SASHIMI PLATE (hamachi, snapper, mackerel, saba, tuna) $22 with rice and miso was like a fisherman’s catch. It was teeming with big and 14 luscious pieces of cut fish which were firm and noticeably fresh. My true test for the freshness of the fish is the tuna and the mackerel. If these two tasted fishy, I am pretty sure that the rest is also not fresh. This was not the case at Itaba.

The complimentary fried mochi in sweet soy sauce was unique and delicious!

My Carnivore enjoyed his sushi of Ahi Tuna Poke, Scallop nigiri and Tako.


What made this dinner a cut above the rest was the very attentive and friendly service. My $5 “small” sake served in a Maker’s Mark bottle was more like large! (Would the large sake be served in a magnum?!) And our server insisted on getting me pummelled on a second bottle of sake on the house! And no hangover the next day!


Itaba is sleek, spacious and contemporary  with a full bar and adequately spaced tables. The space is truly beautiful.  The soy sauce in Maker Mark’s bottle is also a nice touch.

Itaba  one of the best values in town! We were thrilled that we did not need to drop over $100 on good quality and generously-portioned sushi which is the going rate for good sushi per person in the Bay Area.

TOTAL: $70 including tax and tip

Date Night Journal:

We spent our afternoon bowling then saw “The Place Behind the Pines” in Emeryville and munching on sweet potato fries, popcorn and other junk food that we found ourselves hungry yet “not really hungry.” We thought that a light dinner of sushi would be the perfect solution.

A fun-filled Saturday!

Itaba Kitchen & Sushi Bar 

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3920 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
Neighborhoods: Piedmont Ave, North Oakland

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