Cana (Oakland)

Date Night: 05.18.13 @ 6.45 PM

Cana is a Cuban-inspired restaurant in Oakland. (Cana just recently opened a new restaurant on Florida Street in San Francisco.)  On a warm and lovely day like last Saturday, Cana was the perfect place to be. It is just right across from the beautiful Lake Merritt.

With the too-loud Cuban music blaring in the background, Cana’s ambiance is relaxed and fun.  The decor was a reflection of the African influence on the Cuban culture.

I M B I B E :

SANGRIA: A well-made and strong red sangria. Very nice, not sweet and smooth!

E A T S :


Refreshing appetizer of halibut, grilled pineapple, avocado, leche de tigre, served over plantain chips


I had to try this traditional Cuban dish of shredded skirt steak and riojo sofrita. This dish was an explosion of robust flavors!


My Carnivore beat me to this dish of slow-cooked pork meat. The meat was very tender, moist of so full of pork flavors. Very good as well!

Tostones $4

This side dish of twice-fried plantains with garlic dipping sauce was slightly greasy but the sauce was so garlicky that you are guaranteed to not be bit by a vampire.

CHECK: $92 with tip and 2 lemonades

Alas, we could not find room for dessert. Portions were so huge that I struggled to finish my plate. I thought we might be going to the movies after dinner that I did not want to waste the leftovers. In the end we decided to back home and watch more TV.

Cana was delicious and I would like to go back again!


Paella Valenciana and Sandwich Cubano

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